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Please follow our measuring guide if unsure of your measurements
Roman blind – the length of your window + 30 cm.
If your blind is less than 132cm (52″) wide, you will need the finished drop of the blind, plus a further 30cm (12″) for turnings. eg if your blind has a drop of 120cm (47″), you will need 150cm (59″)
If your blind is wider than 132cm (52″) then you will need two drops of fabric plus 30cm (12″) for each drop. eg if your blind has a drop of 120cm (47″) then you will need 150cm (59″) x 2 = 300cm. (118″)
Please request for any unused fabric to be returned to you with your blind.

If your fabric has a dominant pattern you may like to have the bottom of the blind on a particular part of the fabric so make an allowance for this when purchasing your fabric.
If you want a small blind please send the whole width of the fabric, so the blind can be cut from the best position if the fabric is patterned.
The only time you might need to use the pattern repeat is when you have several blinds, perhaps on a bay window,or numerous windows in the same room. It looks better if the blinds have the same pattern on the bottom of each blind.
If you have any queries or if your fabric has a pattern repeat call Sandy or Dale 07977234193 or email

Fabrics to use

There are wonderful furnishing fabrics in the shops today and so much to choose from but you can often find a perfect remnant at a fraction of the cost.
Please keep the following in mind when choosing checked or striped fabric for your blinds. Checked and striped fabric can be off grain and this will reflect in your finished blind as it has to be square and not follow the pattern otherwise your blind will not hang straight.If you decide to use silk for your roman blind please note that this will need to be interlined as this will protect the fabric.

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